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& Associates comes in. We are fully staffed with specialists in the fields of engineering, forensic accounting, adjusting, contents appraising, building construction and insurance law. We have handled all types of losses, fire, flood, windstorm, theft, employee dishonesty, water damage, builders risk, fidelity, hurricane, burglary, collapse and many more. We uphold the maximum professional standards in preparing, documenting your claim which will ensure prompt payment.

How soon can we be up and running again?

We at Brodsky & Associates know time is money. Therefore, the longer you are not operating your business the more revenue you are losing. We also know that businesses have deadlines to meet and if you’re not operating you can’t meet these deadlines. That is why at Brodsky & Associates we make it a priority not only get you the best settlement of your claim, but ease the burden of your major loss and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Having the proper insurance is not enough! Once disaster strikes, you still have to collect.

Going into negotiations with your insurance company without having a loss consultant to represent you is like going to court without a lawyer. Sure, you can do it but, quite frankly, you may be piling one disaster on the top of another. That is why professional representation makes good business sense. Of course, you have to pay a fee for skilled representation, but when dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster, you are going up against someone who does this kind of work every day. Someone who is intimately familiar with all of the ins and outs of your insurance policy and, someone whose paycheck is signed by the insurance company.

When you have a skilled public adjuster from Brodsky & Associates working your claim, you have an expert on your payroll. Our job is to make sure you get everything you are entitled to under your policy and to take on the burden and worry of dealing with all the details that are required to
accomplish that.

The burden of proof is on you to prove your losses!

Have you ever read your insurance policy completely? Do you know the average insurance policy contains 2500 lines of terms and conditions – various forms and endorsements that are constantly changing – and over 300 lines of text detailing all of your duties in the event of loss? Dealing with these matters is all we do. We know from experience all of the different ways these terms and conditions can be interpreted in negotiations. And your insurance company knows that we know. That’s why we can settle your claim much quicker than you can on your own, and for more money. Getting your settlement quickly can be like getting extra money in and of itself, because it saves you loss of down time.

Here’s what B&A does for you:

Great work requires a great beginning. We start by analyzing your normal business operations to determine how they may be affected by the major loss that has befallen you. Our first job is to discover the full extent of all your losses, to maximize your recovery, this includes application of appropriate values to all property including replacement costs and/or actual cash values, and the amount of the loss and damages claimed for each item. We also prepare required appraisals to comply with any co-insurance conditions of your policy.

As we’ve stressed, you, the insured, have the responsibility to prove your full losses and to defend your claim against any challenges by your insurance company including a complete inventory of all damaged and undamaged contents including equipment, machinery, furniture or fixtures.
Then, an on-site scope of the building damages is performed for use in preparation of a detailed unit cost reconstruction estimate. Our next task is to make sure that our computer analysis and projections will endure successfully these challenges in order to bring you the full recovery you are entitled to. We then prepare required documentation that projects and verifies any extra expenses and/or loss of income. Lastly, we utilize a full team of attorneys, engineers, accountants and cost analysts to formulate and substantiate the claim.

Claim Presentation
Before we make the formal presentation of your claim, our professional loss consultant team examines your claim to make sure every item is completely verified. Our team will provide you with status reports on a regular basis so that you are aware of everything that is being done on your behalf. Then we review our final findings with you the insured and/or your advisers. We then present the claim on your behalf to your insurance company with complete confidence that all our bases are fully covered. You can rest assured knowing you are going to be well represented.

Settlement Negotiation
This is the part you’ll like best. The pay-off. All our hard work, effort and diligence will bring you maximum return. Since we speak the same language and know all the rules, just as your insurance company’s adjuster does, you can be confident that we will provide you the best representation possible. And you’ll see the difference in your settlement check. We prepare final settlement documents and follow up on payment processing. In the event uninsured claims should arise, our team of experts will prepare the claim in the proper format to assist you in future recovery. We will also assist your advisers in providing documentation and expert witness testimony if necessary.

Our team is led by the company’s founding family. Established by Hank Brodsky in 1954 and now led by Allan Brodsky who represents two generations of experience.


Our experts cover every aspect of adjusting losses; including personal property appraisers, building contractors, engineers, adjusters, accountants and attorneys. The professional approach to a speedy recovery – whether before, immediately after, or sometime later from a catastrophic loss.

Brodsky & Associates offers the competent, professional, meticulous and caring service you and your company needs to protect your interests. It is our unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and client services that underlies our foundation of existence because we know that without our clients we wouldn’t be in business.

Once disaster strikes there are many problems to attend to. A clear focus and calm approach are all important in helping to speed up your recovery. That’s where Brodsky


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