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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster?
A. An authority on loss adjustments hired by you to prepare, file and negotiate your insurance claim.

Q. Why Are They Called “Public Insurance Adjusters?
A. They are called “Public Insurance Adjusters” to distinguish them from the insurance company’s adjusters and because Brodsky & Associates represents you the public, exclusively.

Q. What Is The Extent Of Brodsky & Associates Responsibility?
A. It covers every phase of preparation, presentation and settlement of your claim. It does NOT extend in any way beyond the handling of your insurance claim.

Q. Will I Receive A More Prompt & Satisfactory Settlement Through
Brodsky & Associates?
A. Yes, because at Brodsky & Associates we lose no time in obtaining and evaluating the facts necessary to prepare your claim. Our alert and prompt service often provides evidence that may otherwise be destroyed. The more thorough and complete the claim preparation, the faster Brodsky & Associates can effect a settlement for you.

Q. Who Else Retains Brodsky & Associates?
A. Brodsky & Associates is frequently retained by attorneys, banks, CPA’s, and businesses, as well as homeowners. Once an insured has experienced the skill of Brodsky & Associates and their staff, he or she would not consider settling a claim without Brodsky & Associates specialized assistance.

Q. Why Do I Need Help In Filing An Insurance Claim?
A. The average insurance policy contains as many as 2,500 lines of terms & conditions-various forms and endorsements that are constantly changing- as many as 300 lines of text about YOUR requirements in case of loss Most people do not know or understand these contractual conditions. Brodsky & Associates does.

Q. How Can Brodsky & Associates Help Me?
A. By giving you the advantage of expert advice based on years of experience in many technical problems. By relieving you of the work, worry and the enormous amount of time consuming detail involved in preparing and filing a claim. Also by helping you to secure a prompt and fair settlement.

Q. What Special Help Can Brodsky & Associates Give Me With
Technical Questions?
A. In settling your claim, the insurance company will comply with the terms of your policy. But it is up to you to PROVE your loss. And most often there will be many questions as to how the policy conditions could be interpreted and applied in different circumstances. Brodsky & Associates are your EXPERTS when questions arise. They are concerned only with your interests. Because of their vast experience and specialized knowledge, they prepare your claim to recover to the fullest extent of the insurance coverage.

Q. Can’t I Prepare My Own Claim Just As Well By Myself?
A. No. It stands to reason that Brodsky & Associates, who make this their life’s work, can do it more competently than an average insured, who may have one loss in a lifetime. Their knowledge, training and minimum 15 years adjusting experience enable them to prepare and file the necessary claims and forms expertly in order to negotiate the settlement to the greatest advantage of the policyholder.

Q. Why Should I Engage Brodsky & Associates To Obtain What Is
Rightfully Due Me?
A. Insurance companies are prepared to pay you what is due you as they see it. The company adjuster is not supposed to be prejudiced. Obviously, their allegiance is to the insurance company they represent. Brodsky & Associates are your representatives exclusively, and with their experience and knowledge, are better able to bring about a more favorable settlement.

Q. How Much Does Brodsky & Associates Charge For Their Services?
A. Surprisingly little. Our charge is a small percentage of the insurance company’s settlement with you on a contingency basis. By maximizing your settlement, usually Brodsky & Associates will save you the cost of their fee at the very least.

Q. What Is The Function Of A Public Insurance Adjuster?
A. To advise and assist in the preparation of inventories, estimates and proofs of loss; to handle all the necessary details to prepare and file claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. Also, to arrange for meetings with the insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper satisfactory settlement.

Q. How Does Brodsky & Associates Determine The Actual Loss?
A. We take physical inventories, prepare building estimates, compute business interruption losses and at the same time see that all stipulations in your policy are faithfully observed. This often involves numerous steps about which the average policyholder knows little or nothing, but can make a great difference in the amount of the final settlement.

Q. Will My Agent Or Broker Act As An Adjuster On My Behalf?
A. No. Your insurance agent or broker serves you in connection with placing your insurance coverages. As a general rule, insurance agents or brokers do not have the claims handling expertise, knowledge, experience, nor the staff necessary to render the same specialized claim services that Brodsky & Associates performs for you.

Q. Will My Insurance Company Recognize Brodsky & Associates As
My Representative?
A. Yes, Indeed. Most companies actually prefer to work with an experienced and reputable public insurance adjuster rather than an inexperienced claimant.