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  • A thorough review and analysis of your insurance policies from a perspective of maximizing the recovery.
  • Preparation of required appraisals to comply with any co-insurance provisions of the policies.
  • Preparation of a complete inventory of all contents including: stock, inventory, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, supplies and all other items that are damaged.
  • On-site analysis of the building damage and preparation of a detailed unit cost reconstruction estimate.
  • Application of proper values to all property. These values will include applicable replacement cost and/or actual cash value, together with the amount of the loss and damage claimed for each item.
  • Preparation of all required documentation to properly project and substantiate a business interruption claim and extra expenses or other associated items.
  • A review of the claim with the insured and/or their advisors before providing such material to the insurance company and its representatives.
  • Submission on the insured’s behalf of all claim documentation to the insurance company, including Proofs of Loss.
  • Regular statues reports to the insured and their advisors.
  • Preparation of final acceptance documents and follow-up on processing of payment.
  • Assistance to insured’s advisors in providing documentation and testimony, as well as serving as expert witness if necessary.
  • Claim preparation in a proper format to ensure recovery in any possible future litigation involving uninsured claims.

Commercial Public Adjuster

If you have a commercial enterprise that sustains a loss, you face many considerations that not only influence the insurance claim, but also have potential long-term impact on its future prospects. You may be able to salvage merchandise or replace it entirely. Replacement may be difficult, costly, or cause disruption to the marketability of seasonal items. Retail and wholesale establishments also contain furniture, fixtures, improvements, and expendable items, such as supplies and small tools, all of which may be damaged in addition to inventory. Coverage may be premised on a commercial property form or reporting form, which requires a monthly statement of values. Brodsky & Associates has extensive experience dealing with these types of coverage’s and applying them to the damages sustained.

Industrial or manufacturing losses may involve damage to machinery and equipment, as well as to finished inventory and goods-in-process. An analysis of the damage must include a cost evaluation of the inventory, with reference to past and current pricing of materials, labor, and overhead, and the identification of appropriate cost components of the goods-in-process. Forecasts of production and the associated sales value of that production, as well as actual or hypothetical ongoing costs of doing business, must be compiled to substantiate a business interruption claim.

Museums, schools, religious institutions and libraries pose unique problems in the adjustment of an insurance claim. At the center of concern are the questions of the ongoing viability of the institution and the diminution in the value of its property. It is particularly difficult to remove all evidence of damage from the property involved – books, antiquities, rare treasures – and adequate compensation is difficult to measure due to the nature of the damaged articles. B&A brings an acute eye to all the potential elements of the loss, damage, or destruction of such property, drawing on a rich background of experience with these types of claims.

Real Estate:
Owners of large amounts of real estate (office complexes, apartment buildings, and commercial properties) have a greater that average exposure to risk of damage from fire, water or other disaster. Building occupancy, construction, and type of insurance coverage contribute to the nature and size of the claim. Claims may involve loss of rental income, damage to building components, delay and disruption of construction in progress, and may be affected by current building codes. B&A specializes in identifying the particular aspects of each loss and pursuing a settlement which addresses them accordingly.

Commercial Services
Each and every property insurance claim is unique in how it must be presented to the insurance company. As the business owner, what you want to know is when you can get back to business.

Many decisions must be made to begin this complex process and the professional insurance adjusters at Brodsky & Associates Company are available to handle any loss situation. Our staff of expert consultants, are qualified to navigate your insurance claim and maximize your financial recovery in a timely fashion.

Commercial Services Include:

  • Analysis of your insurance policy: we identify the types and extent of coverage your policy provides (i.e., whether you have “actual cash value” or “replacement cost” coverage).
  • Damage Inventory and Estimate: we take a detailed inventory of your damaged property items and assess their value and level of loss.
  • Replacement Analysis: we assess the cost of replacing your lost assets and determine how much of it is covered by your insurance policy.
  • Rebuilding Estimates: we estimate the cost of rebuilding your home or business structure and determine how much of it may be covered by your insurance policy.
  • Income Loss Assessment: we assess your loss of income due to the incident.
  • Data Compilation: we assemble all data necessary to support your claim.
  • Claim submission: we are familiar with all the steps and forms which are necessary to submit your claim, and will complete this cumbersome task for you.

Residential Public Adjuster

Licensed Public Adjusters for Homeowners

When a loss occurs and your family is displaced from their home it can be very daunting.

Please rest assured the staff of consultants and loss professionals at Brodsky & Associates are here to assist you every step of the way. Many decisions must be made to begin the recovery process and our qualified public insurance adjusters are here to handle every aspect of your residential loss.

  • Review your insurance policies, fire, wind, flood to verify adequate coverage’s
  • Make sure you meet policy requirements to mitigate your losses after a loss.
  • Prepare complete inventories of personal property, detailed unit cost reconstruction estimates of dwelling damages, additional living expense or fair rental value projections.
  • Prepare and present a properly documented claim for all aspects of your loss.
  • Attend all meetings and inspections with your insurance company or its representatives.
  • Our efforts will assure you the policy holder the maximum recovery quickly.

With combined experience of over 100 years the professionals at B&A have been helping Policy Holders in their time of need. We know how uncomfortable it can be to be displaced from your home. The pros at B&A will do everything we can to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Please contact Brodsky & Associates for a free initial consultation. We are just a phone call away.

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